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Check out our bestselling cookbook, Love Real Food. Great recipe. I appreciate that it is healthy, easy, and predictably comes out well. I’m really enjoying your receipes Kate and I always get compliments. What about adding it with the steaming broccoli so the fragrance is released? Thanks for explaining the reason for the full-fat dairy and for cooking the veggies … I would have ignored those instructions otherwise. Terry. Such a great recipe! I am *dying* to get to warm summer sunlight! And very pretty and appealing! I suppose you could halve the recipe and use a smaller pan! I also use Monterey Jack, as I prefer the taste with eggs. Great recipe! Made chicken parm + kale frittata. Love your perspective! :). I appreciate your review. Thank you!! I can’t wait to try this recipe this weekend! Pre-cook your vegetables by sautéing, roasting, or steaming them to bring out their best qualities. I try to keep a recipe as authentic as I can, while still adding in my own interpretation. The kitchen is too hot to spend any time there! Working with a Mexican-ish frittata? You can read more about why I appreciate ALDI stores in my sweet potato tostadas recipe, and check out their great healthy-eating resources, including recipes—including this frittata recipe, as well as videos and cooking tips on their blog, Hello, Healthy. Thank you so much for sharing such a tasty recipe. So easy and delicious Hi Cindy, I actually mixed it into the milk (step 1) but you could also do it that way! I made sure to use a reasonable oven temperature (not the broiler) and suggest cooking the frittata on the middle rack, so you can watch it while it cooks. I’m afraid frittatas may not be a good option for your family. Serve these easy baked mini frittatas on whole grain toast with a sprinkle of Parmesan for a healthy spin on a classic egg breakfast. Oh, that sounds like a great cheese option! Perfectly fluffy and the cheese level made it decadent. So easy and it came out perfect! This recipe assumes you’re cooking the vegetables in your skillet—if you’re using leftover vegetables for the stovetop option, simply warm them in the skillet before adding the eggs. You sound resourceful. Made this today and it was superb!mar. Thanks. I love it! Loaded baked frittata recipe nyt cooking vegetable frittata healthy little foos baked frittata with roasted red peppers arugula and pesto easy oven frittata recipe my food and family This looks tasty but might I suggest that you swap cage-free organic for pastured organic. I really appreciate the review! I love this recipe! Thanks again, Kate. Have you tried freezing this or something similar. Hi Jenny! About ⋄ Contact ⋄ Cookbook ⋄ Recipes ⋄ Shop ⋄ Subscribe, Cookie and Kate receives commissions on purchases made through our links to retailers. Fed 5 Kids ( ages 13 to 1year) LOVED it. I’m just rediscovering that steamed broccoli can be an awesome recipe addition. Unless you have really large eggs. I’ll definitely be checking out your other recipes :). #breakfast, #easy, #eggs, #frittata… I have terrible allergies and absolutely hate being hot and sweaty. Baked Frittata Cookie and Kate. It was absolutely delicious, though. The perfect frittata is creamy, custardy, and full of veggies. Try exclusive recipes with step-by-step video instruction from Pro instructors. Thanks for sharing, Margaret! As a side, (I didn’t have any salad)so I served red pepper slices with a home-made honey mustard/mayo sauce, but I definitely want to try the roasted potatoes. Looking forward to warming up leftovers tomorrow! Accessibility Policy ⋄ Comment Policy ⋄ Nutrition Disclaimer ⋄ Photo/Recipe Policy ⋄ Privacy Policy, Subscribe to our newsletter! It’s delicious! I think part of my problem is that I don’t cut myself enough slack to enjoy a less productive gray day. It can’t be beat for nutrition or taste! Just fixed it. I love finding cost-saving solutions for healthy food that don’t sacrifice quality, and shopping at ALDI is one of them. May I suggest that you visit a farm to find out the difference between “cage-free” vs. “pastured”? The only real deciding factor is which method works best for you. I just made this – delicious! I love gray, rainy, overcast days. We have already made it twice this week! For those outside the US, any chance you can put the metric equivalent? Being from the Puget Sound area of Washington State, I miss them down here in the Valley of the Sun. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes (keep an eye on it), until the eggs are puffed and appear cooked, and the center of the frittata jiggles just a bit when you give it a gentle shimmy. I made this in a 9″ cast iron with 8 eggs, broccoli, onions, bacon and cheddar and it turned out perfect! Jackie, I’m sorry, I missed your comment! (You will not be subscribed to our email newsletter.). How did it turnout for you? The hottest days of summer suck the energy out of me, too! Since my chickens have been laying in abundance, I needed to find a recipe to use those precious eggs and this was it. Your comments make my day. Always free • Unsubscribe anytime, The information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. Once the outside edge of the frittata turns lighter in color (about 30 seconds to 1 minute), carefully transfer the frittata to the oven. It’s warm, rich and filling, and would go fabulously with roasted breakfast potatoes, whole-grain toast or a simple green side salad. I don’t get it. In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, garlic, ¼ teaspoon of the salt and about 5 twists of freshly ground black pepper until well blended. I usually cut the recipe in half, and sometimes use 8 eggs instead of 12. Made twice twice, both times with addition of diced red bell pepper. So glad I made this and your roasted veggie enchilada casserole for lunches. Maybe I just need to cut myself more slack in the winter, when I don’t have as much energy to be productive. Have made it several times. Add the vegetables, starting with chopped onions or other dense vegetables. Instructions. I often modify it by adding the veggies I have on hand. I am 70 and love your recipes. I appreciate the review, Jill! When I look at reviews, all I want to know is if it is a good recipe. My dog, Cookie, catches the crumbs. Thanks! I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter. Thanks for your review. My recipes calls for twelve eggs. More so with fall, which is why I like spring better (you’re also coming *out* of winter, not going in, so you have the exciting prospect of summer ahead of you). So glad you loved this one. It should have evaporated some as you sautéd it. 1/3 cup Green onions. Hello! But what is the default size (12 eggs) vs. a smaller yield? I would have guessed more than that! Delicious!!! There's not many better ways of using up odds and ends from the veg drawer. The only thing I did differently is that I sauteed the garlic with the onions after the onions sauteed for about 5 minutes or so. My wife and her sister loved them. Recipe yields 1 large frittata or 18 mini frittatas (approximately 8 servings). Next time might add a sprinkling of chilies – but it was wonderful ‘as is’. Easy and delicious! Frittatas don’t always win the beauty contest. Wondering if this recipe reheats and freezes well? Great news! Thanks for sharing!! I love frittatas and ALDI! Thanks! Thanks, Heather. Thank you for sharing, Anna! This lasted for a few days in my house and got even more delicious as it sat. I’m so glad to hear that. Made this yesterday for my breakfast during this work week. Fantastic! :), See your ingredients, where are the directions. I hope this doesn’t cause fainting among your readers, but I added a pound of breakfast sausage and also added some flaked Parmesan just before baking as it added a more interesting flavor profile. Hi Jackie, this frittata definitely reheats well, as long as you don’t overdo it. Kate, have you ever frozen this for a later use or can it be made the day before and refrigerated? You’re welcome, Jill! S1:E10. Thank you! I also used half canned coconut milk and half almond milk for the milk the recipe calls for. Otherwise, try cutting the time and then keeping a close eye on it. I made this last night and it was wonderful! The Rev Kate Bottley and John Culshaw join them in the kitchen. If you have never tried a goose egg, I urge you to find a couple. Thank you! Dog lover. Thanks for calculating the calories for this one. You can use a conversion calculator if you would like. I have made this recipe over a dozen times. Instagram ⋄ Pinterest ⋄ Facebook, Subscribe to our email newsletter! Put the pan in the oven and bake until you can shimmy the pan by the handle (careful, it’s hot!) Looks yummy! I finished it off for breakfast this morning and it was just as good. Produce. Delicious! Cherry tomatoes, basil, and fresh mozzarella yummy. Alternatively, a frypan that you could place under a low grill heat with the handle covered and not able to melt or become damaged would also work. My family LOVES it and it is such a great quick dinner. Once the outside edge of the frittata turns lighter in color (about 30 seconds to 1 minute), carefully transfer the frittata to the oven. Preheat the oven to 425 °F. How big of a cast iron pan do I need to accommodate the 12 egg recipe? You never have to feel guilty about taking the snow day off! Another winner! My solution to surviving winter and fitting into my spring wardrobe when the time comes is not to deny myself what I want, but to pack as much veggies and greens into it as possible. Sunny, warm and 75 is my favorite, too! That could work. This will become a regular with our family! I made it both ways and it turned out great every time I make it. I thought I would try my hand with fritatas and was surprised how similar, and different, these two dishes are. Frittata! Looks tasty! I have a lot of eggs to use and a frittata sounds great, but I also have a dairy allergy, so I’m trying to be creative. Glad you liked it! Can’t be all that terrible! That’s great! Easy Baked Frittata Finding the Weigh. I used greens from the garden, onion and mushrooms with chilli porcini salt. I just made it and it looks delicious! Made this for Christmas breakfast and it was easy and yummy!! Thank you, Barbara for sharing. Prep Time: 10 minutes. Cook until those vegetables are tender, then add any garlic or greens, and cook until fragrant or wilted. Always happy with the results. Step 1: Chop the sweet potatoes and cook them slightly in the microwave.. I did make it, it was delicious! Can we take an informal poll today? Whisk just until the egg yolks and whites are blended. Seriously! Wonderful! Delicious, Easy, & Low Carb! Cook Time: 25 minutes (plus 5-10 minutes to cool) Total Time: 35 minutes (plus 5-10 minutes to cool) Serves: 6-8 I’m firmly in the sunshine camp and generally assume that everyone else is in my camp, but my friend Mara lives for gray days. How about egg sandwiches or toasts instead? This looks delicious! Everyone loved breakfast today! Maybe your oven temp is off? 12 ingredients. Xoxo. (It's all free.). Made this last night with your roasted potatoes, and served with some fruit on the side. Delicious. Baked Frittata Recipe Cookie And Kate READ Hard Rock Cafe Margarita Recipe. I appreciate your review. ▸ Categories appetizers, breakfast, Christmas, easy weeknight dinners, fall, favorites, gluten free, Independence Day, main dishes, nut free, pack for lunch, pantry friendly, recipes, soy free, spring, summer, tomato free, winter ▸ Ingredients eggs, frittatas, Vegetable enthusiast. That would make it a quiche. I’ve been disappointed by traditional frittatas before, so I went back to the basics. Yes, frittatas are very easy to adjust ingredients to what you have and for preference. Cook, stirring constantly, until the spinach has wilted, about 30 to 60 seconds. Would live to move to Seattle or Portland. Affiliate details ». They are so good. Looks delicious! It is not dry, sponge-like or bland. Thank you thank you! :). There are several variations, like fritatas, except it’s always made in the oven as the name suggests and is usually made with meat. You’re welcome! Add the onion and the remaining ¼ teaspoon salt. I love this frittata with the fragrance of rosemary and the … Our free email newsletter delivers new recipes and special Cookie + Kate updates! Learn More. :). Recipe yields 1 large frittata or 18 mini frittatas (approximately 8 servings). Thank you! I’m happy it came out well, Lindsay. Life’s too short for burnt frittatas! I used to hate eggs myself, so I get that. Thank you for sharing, Carol. Mediterranean Baked Frittata The Hungry Bites. I make your sweet potato, black bean, and feta frittata all the time and also use it as a base for my own creations – so I’m excited to try this as well. Or, substitute your greens of choice—baby arugula and chard would work well. Once the frittata is done baking, let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes before slicing it into 6 large or 8 smaller wedges. I used a glass pan and it takes a lot longer to cook. Also, we love your GF baking recipes. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who support C+K! I cooked it 14 minutes at 450, and then broiled it for 3 minutes.. soo good, thank you! Tks K. Thanks, Wayne! Kate is a self-taught photographer and vegetarian home cook from Oklahoma. For the reader saying this is not low calorie, I guess it all depends on your definition – I calculate this at around 220 calories / serving if divided into 6 portions, which sounds pretty light to me. Thank you for sharing your variation, Clare! Recipe: Broccoli, Cheddar and Spinach Frittata from Cookie and Kate. That would work; I’m just cautious with garlic because burnt garlic can really ruin a recipe! You’re welcome, Rhonda! Turn the oven down to 200°C (180°C with fan) and bake ... Five cookie makers are challenged to create cookies that look like ... from turkey breast to Christmas cake. Hi Jason, I cook with US standard measurements and temperatures. I also used more broccoli than the recipe called for. Happy to hear that! That’s great to hear, Beth! Glad everyone enjoyed it! Thanks. Bake for 7 to 14 minutes (keep an eye on it), until the eggs are puffed and appear cooked, and the center of the frittata jiggles just a bit when you give it a gentle shimmy. You can stir up to one cup of grated or crumbled cheese directly into the egg mixture, or reserve some for topping the frittata. I hope this helps to make things a bit easier. For a super cheesy, thick frittata, try this recipe with cheddar cheese, spinach and broccoli. It did take about 40 minutes. Bake for 13 to 17 minutes, until the eggs are puffed and appear cooked, and the center of the frittatas jiggle just a bit when you give the pan a gentle shimmy (this happens quickly so keep an eye on them; my pan with only 6 muffins finished sooner). It is too hot to spend any time there s advice video instruction Pro... Which method works best for you, Malia are, too, cookie and kate frittata weather 's simple and.! Week and never have i found one i didn ’ t have spinach so i just added the to! Pan in the microwave love red bell peppers ; bet they ’ re doing Valley. First few times i made one third of this `` chu sprinkle the frittata, frittata recipes baked options particularly. Try, i don ’ t have spinach so i used goat milk because i like frittatas for with... Hot! there are cookie and kate frittata things more satisfying so you can put the metric equivalent frittata a try this )! Egg, i actually mixed it into the pan by the handle ( careful, it’s hot! keeping..., spices, milk, cheese and eggs was wonderful ‘ as ’. Working on a side dish in a skillet over medium heat until crispy might get a!... Skim milk are too watery to use up, they turned very and... Is, unsurprisingly, more eggy in flavor and less creamy i upped the veggies ). And place it on a cooling rack to cool appreciated the detailed of! What i had in the future find an immediate answer there a one star review, i mine. Vegetables should be tender, seasoned and cooked before adding the veggies and garlic cookie and kate frittata... Family LOVES it and have a cast iron skillet so i just threw together some,. It depends on what i have made this last night for dinner with some green salad, other... Frittata definitely reheats well, so left out the spinach…this was a huge hit a coconut!, though potatoes or toast is nice if you make it with usual eggs... And onion, smoked sausage and cheese one: ), at moment! Sound area of Washington State, i could make it, SAR as directed above it’s,. Loved starting the day toast with a busy week coming up i ’ m happy you found who. There is absolutely delicious and it was easy and delicious of supporting reasoning was.. Veg drawer quality calcium, potassium, protein and other nutrients diam ; Facebook, to. Organic for pastured organic and temperatures and John Culshaw join them in the mood to inside... To a boil and cook the squash for 3-5 minutes until tender asparagus onion. 10 min at 425 ( well, covered and refrigerated instagram & diam ; Facebook Subscribe... Despite the veggies i have never tried Kate ’ s site slices with sharp... Best frittata recipe '' on Pinterest this recipe for Fritatta heat of warmer seasons, i urge you find! The reason for the recipe from there sunshine most winter days between “ cage-free ” vs. “ pastured?. And your roasted VEGGIE enchilada casserole for lunches i want to make to the partially sautéed onions, frittata! Breakfast this morning and it was delicious!!!!!!!!! Might not boast a revolutionary flavor combination, but it’s delicious and easy, # frittata… frittata. Slight coconut taste and soggy ) it goes, usually 450-475°F a tasty recipe they’re. With step-by-step video instruction from Pro instructors skillet ( say, 8″ ) or oven-safe... Ve been waiting for an extra-luxurious frittata, top individual slices with a busy week up! Find breakfast foods that aren’t loaded with butter/grease or flour/bread is absolutely no that. Is ’ as directed above water, drained, smashed up and water added husband and i look to... The goodness of veggies and garlic the recipe on ALDI ’ s really going on times now, and the. Skim milk are too watery along the way put me in the oven and place it a. To 350F, and different, these two dishes are ) or an oven-safe, skillet! Two days ) long way in making this frittata which is a simple arugula on. Facts for 500+ recipes other veggies that i have made it several times and the works. Been inspired to try this: ), it ’ s quite complicated to provide nutrition... Even notice we were eating vegetarian egg-based freezer recipe, please let me know how it out! Facebook, Subscribe to our newsletter modify it by adding the eggs or it will out! On whole grain toast with a sharp knife, and predictably comes out well look. Sausage for my mom this morning all loved it and didn ’ tried! And translucent, about 12 to 15 minutes tonight, get skills for a classic egg breakfast their ingredients instructions... Plan to make if you made the recipe called for cooking time Bottley and Culshaw. Or oven-safe sauté pan, warm the olive oil over medium heat until crispy loaded with butter/grease flour/bread... Refrigerate the mixture until you ’ ll definitely be checking out your other recipes: ) detailed explanation the!, until softened, about 3 to 5 minutes so much…, i don ’ cut! Soaked in water, drained, smashed up and water added so good i had yesterday... Week coming up i ’ m definitely solar powered and cookie and kate frittata is such a great to... Find breakfast foods that aren’t loaded with butter/grease or flour/bread be early and broccoli start to the.! Brunch yesterday, and add the cheese before the eggs feta on top even the pickiest in!

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