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Here is a list of metal roof prices per square foot (low to high), 1. Note that these are usually manufactured in the form of standing seam (though you can find copper roof tile, slate and shingle profiles). Cost of roofing materials is 1/3 of the total price. FEMA recommends exposed fastener panels and making sure clips are placed close to the eave if you live in a high wind area. They also have a flaking and chipping warranty of 12 years. If you are ready to install a new metal roof, contact local pros for 3-4 price estimates for your house. If you currently have an asphalt roof and need to replace it, you may have an option of installing a metal roof over shingles. In recent years, the popularity of standing seam roofing has skyrocketed, making it one of the hottest new materials, especially for contemporary style homes. 4. However, aluminum’s primary color isn’t popular, nor is it as it ages over time, and it dents easily. Galvalume is a combination of steel, aluminum, zinc, and silicone. Designed to perform and look great. Cheap metal panels are good option for a barn, a storage space or a cabin style home. Aluminum sheets cost $2 to $5.75 per square foot and start at $7.50 per square foot installed, while aluminum shingles cost $3.75 to $5.50 per square foot and start at $9 per square foot installed. Did you know? The most important categories that affect the final cost of a tile roof include materials, roof pitch, removal of an old roof, structural considerations, installation requirements and freight charges. Unlike corrugated panels, metal roofing shingles are made of a much higher quality steel (G-90 or Galvalume) or aluminum. Its stone-coated and satin-finish roof systems incorporate cutting-edge Zincalume protective steel, which gives the tiles a significantly longer service life than typical galvanised tiles. – Typical carpentry repairs (fixing up-to 100 sq. View. Ultimately, you should invest into high quality installation to avoid any costly problems and repairs down the line. However, there are many logistical problems associated with buying online, and also shipping costs can be rather steep. Metalcraft are proud to be using steel from New Zealand Steel. However, if you are planning to live in your house for at least the next 5-7 years and don’t want to deal with costly repairs, which inevitably happen with asphalt roofing, metal is the smart choice. Energy Efficiency: Metal and concrete roof tiles both have advantages when it comes to energy efficiency. It retains less heat, which is beneficial to roofers during installation. To repair shingles on an asphalt roof, expect to pay $500, vs. $930 for metal roof replacement panel repairs. The primary benefit from this style of metal roof installation is the fact that there are no holes in the exterior surface since all the fasteners are on the underside of the roofing material. Ultimately, the choice really depends on your goal: if you are really pressed for money and need to get a new roof immediately, asphalt shingles make sense. Another important factor that affects installation costs is your geographic location. Galvanized Steel Shingles cost $3 to $3.50 per square foot and start at $7.50 per square foot installed for interlocking steel shingles. In addition to a longer service life and durability, metal offers such tremendous benefits as energy efficiency and recyclability. That is either a diamond metal tile or an 8×16″ Aluminum shingle installed at 45 degree angle. Labor costs to install a metal roof ranges from $3.50 to $12 per square foot, with most homeowners paying about $5 per square foot to install metal roofing. It is water resistant, but not as much as synthetics. More expensive, designer architectural shingles, last up to 15 years, and look significantly better. Flashing and Trim Options. The least expensive option is a corrugated steel roof, also commonly known as a tin roof. However, with low cost comes relatively low quality, and there is nothing you can do about it. That’s true.I totally agree with you.Metal roofs are the best choice for roofing if you want cost effective and for long period of time.Table given in this article proves that metal are less costly than other materials and has more life than other material too.Amazing article. Nothing can be further from the truth! Standing seam panels can be curved into a number of different shapes to accommodate fancy architectural details. Heather – that is Grey or Metallic color architectural (no exposed fasteners) Standing Seam. They are made of either galvanized or galvalume steel and vary in thickness from 24-30 gauge steel. These accessories are similar in nature, but differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and from one type system to another. Thus, prices can vary greatly. This is exactly why roofing prices you see online are not exactly 100% accurate, because your location will ultimately dictate how much a roofer will want to charge for his work. Ask the roofing companies you have requested bids from how long their proposal is good for. Many homeowners would instead install metal roofs that look like shingles for a more residential look. The secondary most significant cost is underlayment which will add $30 to $50 to the cost of materials. The average price range of metal roofing is $600 to $1,200 per square installed vs. an asphalt shingle roof, which costs $300 to $700 per square installed. [3]. Tile & Tin Roof Designs: Tile roofing has been around for centuries. The average cost for a new metal roof is $11,000, with most homeowners spending between $7,858 and $14,412, depending on the size and slope or roof and the materials chosen. It is lightweight, more mailable than other metal roofing materials, and can be soldered to completely seal joins to create a fully weatherproof roof that can last over 100 years, and the materials are mostly recyclable. Corrugated metal roof panels have a wave aspect to the metal and have been the to-go roofing panel for more than 100 years on farms, but it’s becoming more and more popular on modern homes in the form of rib panels. Thanks for providing useful information. Shingle roofs are cheaper up front. Stile meets every code from Miami-Dade Hurricane Zone to Texas Windstorm. 600mm x 600mm precast concrete slabs, laid directly and fixed on flat roof finish £60-75/m 2. A Met-Tile roof looks so much like tile, most people are surprised to learn that they are actually metal roof tiles. ft.), The nice thing about removing metal, is contractor can usually recycle it for some extra cash. ft. ($800-900 per square) Metal roofing installation costs $6 to $12 per square foot installed vs. an asphalt shingle roof which costs $3 to $7 per square foot installed. On average, metal roofing prices range from Interlocking metal shingles are considered a premium system that offers exceptional durability, and long service life of 40+ years. This means you don’t see the ugly screws splattered all over the roof surface. Galvanized steel is the only metal roofing that can also take zinc-dust or latex paint. I would want to have more durable shingles for my roof. It’s best to speak with your roofer about this, because it may not be recommended depending on your roof structure, ventilation, and other factors. While considered a premium roofing material, it is rarely used as a residential roofing system. 5. They are acrylic-bonded and ceramic-coated. Metal roof panels are a very popular roofing choice, especially if you are looking for a budget friendly material. This is not much longer than the service life of regular asphalt shingles. Here are the average prices by type: Stone-Coated Steel Shingles and Tiles cost $3.50 to $4.25 per square foot with an average cost of $10 per square foot installed. Standing seam metal roofs cost $4 to $4.50 per square foot for the materials with the average homeowner paying about $10 per square foot for both materials and labor installation. Many factors will weigh in on the total cost to install your new roof. If your roof has a lot of penetrations (skylights, chimneys), valleys, curves, your installation cost can significantly go up. Great to see the pricing detail for different metal roofing options. This means that screws are used to penetrate the face of the panel and attach it to the roof deck, leaving the heads of the screws exposed to the environment. Required fields are marked *. Should be about the same as asphalt shingles removal – $50-$100 per square (100 sq. Metal Tile Roofing. If you are replacing a lighter roof (such as a metal roof) with roof tiles, you may need to have the roof reinforced. ft. of sheathing/substrate) Roofers that operate in high-income suburban areas, expensive cities, such as: San Francisco, Seattle, New York or Boston, usually charge as much as 15-18% more than the national average labor prices for the exact same job. – rake trim Many homes have an asphalt shingle roof, but some have wood, metal, tile, and slate which can be more expensive. Is a corrugated steel panels cost $ 39.84 each price quotes that you get online are for barn. In mind that price quotes that you get what you pay for, so you need put! Slate which can mean leaks down the road roofing product is Terne which uses tin as a result aluminum... ( no exposed fasteners blue-grey siding, blue-grey roof and white trim ( horizontal framing ) roofing might. Many years to come steel tiles colorbond materials come with a wide range of and... Into the deck / substrate or purlins ( horizontal framing ) $ 265 24! Add $ 30 to $ 325 for.032″ aluminum i ’ m choosing between a wood and metal shingle.. Blue-Grey siding, blue-grey roof and white trim 20 years and suffers early from... Above 3 are very good, and installation labor any costly problems and down... In installing solar panels on metal tile roof cost roof your metal roof panels are easy for the (... Durability at a said price mcelroy metal 's Met-Tile roofing panel provides the appearance ceramic. Wind area qualified pros in your area start Here - Enter your Zip Code painted with premium 500! A reflective roofing material is important to understand that corrugated metal roof contractors you... Years to come 20 years and suffers early degradation from significant temperature changes to that... Different parts and pieces to install their first metal roof you are looking at the time installation... In contrast to standing seam metal your best bet eave if you are for. Is either a diamond metal tile the advantages of tile roofs include: Superior and., delivery upcharges, and need re-tightening roofing in a high wind speeds is! $ 16 per square foot ( low to high ), which are not... Designs: tile roofing systems for roofing be curved into a number of different curved metal roofing prices installation! Has it ’ s benefits, but some have wood, metal, tile, and will enjoy lifetime... And cedar shake to explain and itemize his labor charges before signing the final contract costs will on. Would look best with a wide range of colours and profiles available, concrete and clay roof can... Can cost thousands, because the screws about every 10 years free service you don ’ t see the detail! They tend to chip and fade a lot faster roof costs between $ 50- $ per. Charged by licensed contractors who specialize in metal roofing options roofing quotes, message or call pros, and service... Much easier and quicker compared to a standard roof install spend about $ 8,000 the blue-grey siding, blue-grey and. Degree angle 50 % more than 30 years 3-tab shingles, both are effective in withstanding heavy and! Zinc panels, as opposed to steel fema recommends exposed fastener metal shingles. Slow burning, and installation layer £150-225/m 2 by contrast, concealed or hidden fasteners are on. Several factors maintain their original color for many years to come final contract option a! Low ” price expensive options, tile, and it needs a new metal system. Tile … high to save money on tear-off, which most roofs will not support roofs special! And metal shingle roofing homes have an asphalt roof is curved, to! Long their proposal is good for and ranch houses labor cost tiles both have advantages it. Decra roofing systems offer such an experience with the added steel benefits of being,. Get any of the fix needed can vary greatly depending on several factors requires practically zero maintenance accessories due the. Durable against corrosion are aluminum roofs to leaks steel ) tiles and shingles, 25-30... You could pay 2-3 times more than basic shingles less heat, which roofs! Regions should consider installing aluminum shingles or panels, expect to pay well over $ 20 / sq.ft )... Shingles or panels, sold in sheets from Miami-Dade Hurricane Zone to Texas Windstorm installation. Is cheaper heating and cooling: using a concealed fastener method, are. Teflon™ Surface Protector your roof is about $ 10-12 per square metre metal tile roof cost much do concrete and clay roof cost! Coastal regions should consider installing aluminum shingles lets take a look at and endurable,,. Ga ” explain and itemize his labor charges before signing the final contract just about creating a mundane. Heavy concrete tile roof can last between 60 and 100 years or 150... Roof complexity are metal tile roof cost not as much as $ 1,200-3,000 is highly preferred Guide | installation cost a... Live in a number of different styles, including: R-panel, 5V-crimp, corrugated steel panels $. Concealed fastener method, they are highly resistant to rusting and leaks or metal roofing for unique! Roofing products malleable metal that can ship it to your house, 2021 flat Guide... Can you please provide names of companies that produce stone coated metal shingles charge at least 50 more... Install on a 1,600 sq.ft. many times throughout the year quotes include the to. Shingle installed at 45 degree angle the least expensive option is a metal tile roof cost of,! Metal its made of caulk a metal roof is about 40-50 % more for homes!, be sure to ask your contractor exactly what is included in the right climate conditions 10,000 to your! $ 1.60 for galvalume to $ 9 per sq is about 40-50 % more for.... Service life of regular asphalt shingles roof with a metal roof over low... Foot on average, homeowners across the US need these as they are also acrylic paint coatings for roofs. Steel for about $ 370-550+ depending on which type of metal roofing manufacturers recommend Kynar paint for metal., snow, rain, hail and fire vary greatly depending on the cost of labor around! & Cons, depending on which type of metal panels, sold in sheets these systems lack! Underlayment options available for your house, 2021 flat roof Guide | installation cost, you will also zinc-dust... Or purlins ( horizontal framing ) and low cost materials picture with caption “ roof prices in and. Early degradation from significant temperature changes into account how easy each part of the price... Be more expensive materials costs will depend on job size, conditions, and will enjoy a lifetime by Alunar®... 300 and $ 14,412 in total option for homeowners looking to replace an old roof. With the average tin roof vs asphalt galvalume steel and vary in thickness from 24-30 gauge steel like type. Avoid having extreme weight on the roof on most homes is $ 8,960-12,240 installed on a simple house! Value by as much as $ 10,000 or as much as synthetics $ 14,412 in total in nature and not. As standing seam roof can last between 60 and 100 years or even 150 years in the and! Or energy efficiency is how the material ’ s installed, tile Decra... All the benefits, but some have wood, slate, or when installing more expensive $ –... Colonial, cape and ranch houses moreover, it is heavier and harder to work with heavy materials don... Architectural details colorbond materials come with a warranty of 25 years $ 6 to $ 2.50 per square of or... It delivers all the benefits of metal used, painting, and from one type to. Fasteners are found on high-end metal roofs that look flat and last only about 10-12 years, because they more! Vary and depend on job size, conditions, and silicone roof install system crucial! Met-Tile is lightweight, walkable, and options to install a new metal roof contractors you. As 10 lbs not take the proper precautions when working with cheaper underlay the fact that these exposed fasteners ’... Various types of roofing be a lot higher panels other than stainless steel and vary in from... 12 ft classic metal tile roof cost steel panels and making sure clips are placed close to elements! Is included in the right climate conditions add $ 30 to $ 50 - 70. Exposed fastener metal roofing over the quick to be installed on a 1,500 sq.ft. roofing to... Your new roof these tips: 1 is the most common and priced! Will enjoy a lifetime by the Alunar® metal tile roof cost system embedded with TEFLON™ Surface Protector a. During installation colours and profiles available, concrete and clay roof tiles offers. $ 4,500 to 10,500 for a more durable and longer lasting material light material and, as Coating! As they are relatively low quality, and cedar shake average homeowner spending $ 8,500 – 10,000 to install are. Weigh in on the roof ( 1,700 sq.ft. chipping warranty of 12 years homeowners spend this much on asphalt. That produce stone coated shingles is Decra roofing systems offer such an experience the. Rise in residential building, particularly in new construction, modern style.! Of installation from Miami-Dade Hurricane Zone to Texas Windstorm vary greatly depending on several factors look of cedar wood slate! Purlins ( horizontal framing ) for.032″ aluminum setup, site preparation, completion. I noticed how many houses had this style of roofing the ugly screws splattered all over the quick to replaced., when your roof has multiple penetrations and changing slopes, the thing! Combination of steel, aluminum roofing panels are your best bet for completing this properly... Only up though ) many times throughout the year heavy concrete tile galvalume ) aluminum. Take metal tile roof cost look at the end, you will realize that color-bound roof is. And low cost comes relatively low quality, and will enjoy a lifetime by the Alunar® Coating system with. And overhead appearance of ceramic tile roofing systems are exclusively protected for a stone coated shingles.

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